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+00002023-04-05T05:00:00.608+00:00<![CDATA[As Bitcoin Platform Paxful Closes, Co-Founder Youssef Talks Up Alternatives]]>, 05 Apr 2023 04:12:04 +00002023-04-05T04:12:04.873+00:00<![CDATA[First Mover Asia: Chilly DOGE, While Bitcoin Simmers Over $28.6K]]>, 05 Apr 2023 01:28:15 +00002023-04-05T02:12:44.199+00:00<![CDATA['Shark Tank' Star Kevin O'Leary Calls Litigating Your Crypto Regulator 'Really Stupid']]>, 04 Apr 2023 22:12:54 +00002023-04-04T22:59:26.639+00:00Kevin O'Leary, CDTV, WonderFi, Coinsmart, CoinsqaureMichael Kovac<![CDATA[Tokenized Gold Surpasses $1B in Market Cap as Physical Asset Nears All-Time Price High]]>, 04 Apr 2023 21:06:29 +00002023-04-04T21:35:37.769+00:00tokenized gold, crypto gold, gold-backed crypto<![CDATA[Crypto Funds’ Bitcoin Holdings Rise as Investor Demand Rebounds]]>, 04 Apr 2023 20:50:16 +00002023-04-04T21:25:59.119+00:00NicoElNino<![CDATA[Ralph Lauren Miami Store to Accept Crypto Payments]]>, 04 Apr 2023 20:44:03 +00002023-04-04T21:23:02.365+00:00<![CDATA[Trump NFT Sales Spike Following Ex-President's Arraignment in New York]]>, 04 Apr 2023 20:19:36 +00002023-04-04T20:56:17.137+00:00Trump Trading Cards, Trump arrest, Trump, Trump NFT<![CDATA[Tether Gained Access to U.S. Financial System Using Signature Bank: Bloomberg]]>, 04 Apr 2023 20:11:13 +00002023-04-04T20:23:58.928+00:00tether, usdt, signature bank, stablecoins, Paolo ardoino<![CDATA[Google Cloud to Offer Workshops, Cloud Computing Services for Builders on Celo]]>, 04 Apr 2023 19:45:29 +00002023-04-04T20:02:25.144+00:00Jonny Clow/Unsplash<![CDATA[Magdalena Kala: How I Invest in Web3]]>, 04 Apr 2023 19:44:38 +00002023-04-04T19:53:42.394+00:00<![CDATA[Texas Bill Limiting Benefits for Crypto Miners Unanimously Passes Committee Vote]]>, 04 Apr 2023 19:27:39 +00002023-04-04T19:55:31.051+00:00eddie sanderson<![CDATA[Real-World Tokenization Is Surging as TradFi Grows More Receptive to Blockchain]]>, 04 Apr 2023 19:03:27 +00002023-04-04T19:03:27.916+00:00<![CDATA[OpenSea Launches OpenSea Pro, Courting Professional NFT Traders]]>, 04 Apr 2023 18:04:49 +00002023-04-04T21:00:11.703+00:00OpenSea Pro, OpenSea, NFT, Royalties, Gem<![CDATA[Arbitrum Governance Fracas Reopens the Question: Why DAOs?]]>, 04 Apr 2023 17:19:04 +00002023-04-04T21:00:50.189+00:00DAOs, Arbitrum, crypto governance, ARB token, Arbitrum Foundation<![CDATA[Bitcoin's Huge Surge Pushes Crypto Market Cap to $1.19T, the Highest Since June]]>, 04 Apr 2023 17:03:52 +00002023-04-04T18:11:46.240+00:00<![CDATA[Modular Blockchain Astria Raises $5.5M for Shared Sequencer Network]]>, 04 Apr 2023 16:35:00 +00002023-04-04T19:07:18.941+00:00<![CDATA[Polkadot Registers Trademark for Blockchain Communication Platform]]>, 04 Apr 2023 16:26:01 +00002023-04-04T16:46:31.306+00:00<![CDATA[DeFi Hub Nibiru Chain Valued at $100M After $8.5M Seed Funding Round]]>, 04 Apr 2023 15:57:01 +00002023-04-04T19:55:28.103+00:00Yagi Studio<![CDATA[The SEC's Beaxy Suit Looks Like a Coinbase Case Preview]]>, 04 Apr 2023 15:45:55 +00002023-04-04T15:49:04.160+00:00<![CDATA[Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Exchange Paxful to Suspend Operations]]>, 04 Apr 2023 15:16:42 +00002023-04-04T20:12:54.708+00:00<![CDATA[Carbon-Backed NFT Collection Ecosapiens Raises $3.5M]]>, 04 Apr 2023 14:32:53 +00002023-04-04T15:33:02.113+00:00© Oliver Strewe / Lonely Planet Images<![CDATA[Bitcoin and the Changing Definition of 'Safety']]>, 04 Apr 2023 14:29:55 +00002023-04-04T19:55:55.869+00:00<![CDATA[Delphi Labs Raises $13.5M for Web3 Accelerator]]>, 04 Apr 2023 14:24:37 +00002023-04-04T14:24:37.619+00:00<![CDATA[OPNX Exchange, Which Offers FTX Claims Trading, Led by Three Arrows Founders, Is Now Live]]>, 04 Apr 2023 13:02:19 +00002023-04-04T18:11:29.463+00:00OPNX, coinflex<![CDATA[Polychain Leads $15M Funding Round for Crypto Startup Polyhedra Network]]>, 04 Apr 2023 13:00:00 +00002023-04-04T13:49:06.667+00:00<![CDATA[Crypto Protocol LayerZero Raises $120M at $3B Valuation]]>, 04 Apr 2023 13:00:00 +00002023-04-04T19:05:43.976+00:00Chung Chow<![CDATA[Fantom Network Adds De.Fi's Security Tools to Bolster Dapp Protection]]>, 04 Apr 2023 13:00:00 +00002023-04-04T14:50:58.091+00:00fantom, defi, hack, scam, security<![CDATA[Coinbase to Offer Faster Transactions on Derivatives Exchange Through Partnership With Infrastructure Provider TNS]]>, 04 Apr 2023 13:00:00 +00002023-04-04T15:20:36.917+00:00coinbase, derivatives trading, crypto derivatives, crypto exchanges, crypto marketsChesnot<![CDATA[First Mover Americas: Dogecoin Pops on New Twitter Logo]]>, 04 Apr 2023 12:08:14 +00002023-04-04T15:25:52.472+00:00Bitcoin, First Mover, Markets, Trading, Ethereum<![CDATA[Ether Rallies to 8-Month High, Gains Ground Against Bitcoin]]>, 04 Apr 2023 11:52:51 +00002023-04-04T15:15:24.635+00:00Ether, Bitcoin, Markets, Trading<![CDATA[NFTs Are the Ultimate Disruptor of Hollywood's Entertainment Status Quo]]>, 04 Apr 2023 11:45:00 +00002023-04-04T14:33:12.705+00:00Andrea Berry, NFTs, Web3, hollywood crypto, crypto media, the oscars<![CDATA[Crypto Payroll Company Franklin Closes $2.9M Seed Round]]>, 04 Apr 2023 11:00:00 +00002023-04-05T05:46:40.367+00:00<![CDATA[NFT Platform OneOf Acquires Blockchain Rewards Company Tap Network]]>, 04 Apr 2023 11:00:00 +00002023-04-04T15:13:18.351+00:00Tap Network, OneOf, OnePlatformAYDIN YENER<![CDATA[South Korean Traders Are Jumping on SXP, ICX Tokens]]>, 04 Apr 2023 09:58:18 +00002023-04-04T14:50:49.901+00:00SXP, ICX, trading, korea<![CDATA[Bitcoin Volatility Index's Correlation With Price Flips Positive, Boosts Appeal of Bullish Call Options]]>, 04 Apr 2023 08:57:52 +00002023-04-04T14:52:08.462+00:00Bitcoin, Volatility, Correlation, Call Options, Derivatives, Options, VIX<![CDATA[Voyager-Binance.US Legal Fight Must Be Resolved by April 13, Court Documents Say]]>, 04 Apr 2023 08:40:51 +00002023-04-04T14:53:03.145+00:00Binance Voyager deal<![CDATA[Binance's Market Share Hits Lowest Level Since November After CFTC Lawsuit, End of Zero-Fee Trading]]>, 04 Apr 2023 08:26:58 +00002023-04-04T15:15:55.537+00:00<![CDATA[Digital Asset Tech Provider Metaco Secures Partnership With Liechtenstein Private Bank]]>, 04 Apr 2023 08:00:00 +00002023-04-04T14:54:11.971+00:00<![CDATA[Cardano Gets On-Chain Gaming Boost as Paima Layer 2 Goes Live]]>, 04 Apr 2023 07:48:03 +00002023-04-04T14:28:55.436+00:00Cardano, ADA, Paima Studiosoatawa<![CDATA[Dogecoin Futures Liquidations Jump to $26M After Twitter Displays Token's Logo for Some Users]]>, 04 Apr 2023 06:25:15 +00002023-04-04T14:57:32.046+00:00dogecoin, shiba inu, trading<![CDATA[First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Extends Its Stay Below $28K, Dogecoin Stays Hot ]]>, 04 Apr 2023 01:56:09 +00002023-04-04T14:46:34.541+00:00Michele Tantussi<![CDATA[Euler Says All 'Recoverable Funds' Stolen in $200M Hack Have Been Returned]]>, 03 Apr 2023 23:53:31 +00002023-04-04T14:58:12.327+00:00<![CDATA[Bitcoin Drops to $27.5K While Dogecoin Spikes After Twitter Logo Change]]>, 03 Apr 2023 21:39:30 +00002023-04-04T15:05:42.779+00:00<![CDATA[Huobi and Gala Games to Give $50M to Victims of pGala Scheme]]>, 03 Apr 2023 21:16:16 +00002023-04-03T21:21:13.835+00:00<![CDATA[Coinbase Ventures Joins Liquid Staking Protocol Rocket Pool’s Oracle DAO]]>, 03 Apr 2023 20:58:41 +00002023-04-04T14:35:28.345+00:00Steven Ferdman